Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Islamic Foundational Texts: Research in Arabic Texts
N690 | 25458 | Stetkevych, S

The purpose of N690 Research in Classical Arabic Texts: Islamic
Foundational Texts is to train students in the accurate reading and
translation of classical Arabic texts and to familiarize them with the
use of primary resources and research tools. We will work on the
Qur'an, Tafsir, Sirah and Hadith. Selected texts will be translated
and analyzed in class; other materials will be explored through
individual and group research assignments. A couple of sessions will
explore some written and electronic research tools in the instructor’s
office or in the library.

Grades will be based on class attendance and participation (40%),
individual and group research assignments (20%), quizzes (20%) and
final project (selected in consultation with the instructor) (20%).