Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Military History of the Middle East
N701 | 9289 | Walbridge, J

An introduction to the history of war in the Middle East, with
particular emphasis on the twentieth century. We will discuss both the
military campaigns and their political and cultural backgrounds.

Since the roots of the conflict are deep in the Middle East, the
course will begin by discussing three pre-modern conflicts: the Muslim
conquests of the 7th century and the origins of the concept of jihad,
the Crusades, the first conflict between Islam and a resurgent
Europe. For the twentieth century and beyond, the course will cover
World War I in the Middle East, with special reference to the
Galliipoli Campaign and the Lawrence of Arabia's Arab revolt, the
Arab-Israeli conflict, in particular the Israeli War of Independence,
the 1967 Six Day War, and the Intifada, the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf
War, al-Qa'eda and its jihad against the West, and the Iraq War.