Political Science | American Political Controversies
Y100 | 9784 | & 9785 Koloen

	First 10 weeks only.
	This course will deal primarily with contemporary
controversial political issues.  Some of the questions we will
contemplate include: is capital punishment justified?  Do we need
tougher gun control laws?  Does affirmative action advance racial
equality?  Should the President be allowed to detain citizens
indefinitely in wartime?  Should there be a Constitutional amendment
banning gay marriage?  Should abortion be restricted?  It is
important to note that there is no inherently correct answer to these
questions; that is what makes them controversial.  In recognizing
that each opinion is valuable, we will be better equipped to
formulate our own convincing arguments on the subject.  This is also
a goal for the course; to develop the skills that are necessary to
make a coherent and persuasive argument both in writing and in speech.