Political Science | Dynamics of U.S. Pres Elections
Y200 | 9810 | Burmila

	This course will focus on the evolving nature of American
Presidential elections over time. The election of 1792  or even
1972  would in many ways be unrecognizable today. We will take an in-
depth look at the historical events that have shaped the process as
we now know it. Key aspects of the course include, but are not
limited to, the following:

-	The nominating process
-	The recent development of Presidential debates
-	The role of parties, with emphasis on the changing dynamics
between the major parties and the contributions of third party
-	Campaign financing
-	The media, polling, and political advertising
-	The normative tone of campaigns over time
-	A comparative look at other methods of selecting an executive
around the world
-	Recent and historical voting behavior and coalitions

The reading materials will be substantive yet enjoyable, reflecting
the complexity and excitement of the electoral process. The class
format will include lectures with substantial time allotted to
discussion among the students. Time will also be devoted to video
footage of recent and relevant campaign moments. Course requirements
will include exams, a paper on a choice of several topics, and
periodic short (less than one page) comments on assigned films and