Political Science | Authoritarianism and Democracy in East Asia
Y200 | 9814 | Payne

	Meets 2nd 8 weeks.	
Is democracy something universally applicable?  Do the nations of
East Asia provide an example of a region where democracy has failed
to take root?  This course investigates if democracy is something
translatable.  We will begin our investigation by looking into
contemporary notions of democracy…what does democracy mean?  Is it a
value system or a government type?  Based on this discussion, the
course will study specific East Asian nations.  China, Singapore,
Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan will all be investigated in our study to
see if East Asia has a democratic future.  Students should expect to
have a midterm examination, a group project, and a research of medium
length as course requirements.  All students should expect this
course to be dependent upon discussion.