Political Science | Race, Politics & Public Policy
Y396 | 9840 | Alex-Assensoh

	The course, taught on a seminar format, offers students the
opportunity to read published articles and books about several
aspects of American racial politics. Also, it will enable the
students to write a research paper about a selected important public
policy topic that is under-girded by issues of race. Specific topics
to be discussed include the following: (i) the political implications
of changing racial demographics in American society; (ii) the elusive
meaning of race and ethnicity in American politics; and (iii) the
sources of racial and ethnic conflict in American politics. In the
context of policy, the course will focus on educational and
immigration politics.

The course requirements include three brief writing assignments, a
short mid-term examination, and a final research paper. In
preparation for the first day of class, students will be required to
read census briefs on specified populations that can be accessed by
using the following URL site:
http://www.census.gov/prod/www/abs/briefs.html; the populations are
(a) the Asian population; (b) coming to America population: a profile
of the nationís foreign born; (c) the Black population; (d) the White
population; and (e) the Hispanic population.