Political Science | State-Building in Central Asia and Transcaucasia
Y657 | 9859 | Hale

The biggest challenge facing any newly independent state is building
the state itself and nowhere are the stakes higher than in resource-
rich and strategically located Central Asia and Transcaucasia.  State-
building involves making simultaneous choices on a whole host of
interlinked issues that can literally make the difference between
life and death for citizens.  Such issues include establishing order,
preventing or ending ethnic and civil conflict, constructing a
national identity, instituting a political regime, adopting an
economic strategy, choosing a plan for natural resource development,
and building a stable set of relationships with other states.  In
this class, students will explore the successes and failures of the
Central Asian and Transcaucasian states, drawing important insights
from the method of comparative analysis.  Special attention will be
paid to the roles of leadership, the international environment, and
important legacies from the past that the new regimes have had to