Psychology | Multisensory Processes
P747 | 10002 | Pisoni, D

P747: Seminar in Cognitive Psychology: "Multisensory Processes"

This seminar will cover recent research from different areas of the
emerging field of multisensory integration. After many years of
using a modality-specific "sense by sense" approach, researchers
across different disciplines in neuroscience and psychology now
recognize that perception is fundamentally a multisensory
experience. To understand how the brain synthesizes information from
the different senses, we must study not only how information from
each sensory modality is decoded but also how this information
interacts with the sensory processing taking place within other
sensory channels. We will read and discuss chapters in the new
Handbook of Multisensory Processes which suggests that there are
broad underlying principles that govern this interaction regardless
of the specific senses involved. The key themes addressed the
handbook include multisensory contribution to perception in humans;
whether the sensory integration involved in speech perception is
fundamentally different from other kinds of multisensory
integration; multisensory processing in the midbrain and cortex in
model species; behavioral consequences of multisensory integration;
modern neuroimaging techniques, including EEG, PET, and fMRI, now
being used to reveal the many sites of multisensory processing in
the brain; multisensory processes that require postnatal sensory
experience to emerge, with examples from multiple species; brain
specialization and possible equivalence of brain regions; and
clinical studies of such breakdown of normal sensory integration as
brain damage and synesthesia. We will cover as many as these as
possible depending on student interest. Please contact DB Pisoni for
additional information (

The Handbook of Multisensory Processes
. Perceptual Consequences of Multiple Sensory Systems
. Is Speech a Special Case of Multisensory Integration?
. The Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Integration of Cross-Modal
. Multisensory Mechanisms in Orientation
. Human Brian Studies of Multisensory Processes
. The Maturation and Plasticity of Multisensory Processes
. Cross-Modal Plasticity
. Perspectives Derived from Clinical Studies