Religious Studies | Religion in Modern America
R336 | 22957 | Stein

This class deals with the development of religious life, thought,
and practice in the United States from the time of the Civil War
until the present.  It provides essential background for
understanding the contemporary religious situation in our nation.
The course ranges widely over such topics as the changing fortunes
of immigrant religious communities, the rise and influence of
Fundamentalism and evangelicalism, the radicalization of religious
thought in the 1960s, the interaction of religion and politics, the
impact of New Religious Movements, and the contemporary interest in
alternative spiritualities.  Many of the religious issues and
concerns of the last century and a half are still present in one
form or another in our world.  Requirements: Two hourly exams, a
final exam and three short two page papers.  The texts include prize
winning historical studies and a volume of primary documents.