Religious Studies | Capstone Seminar in Religion
R474 | 10072 | Weitzman

Topic: Bible and Its Interpreters

Despite its great age, the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament remains one of
the most influential texts in our culture. It is also one of the
most controversial, with Jews and Christians differing over how to
define it, even how to refer to it. How did the Bible achieve its
influence and why does it continue to be so controversial? Why do
people from different backgrounds read it so differently, and who,
if anyone, is right? "The Bible and its Interpreters" tackles these
questions by exploring Genesis and Exodus as they have been read by
different interpreters over the ages--Jewish and Christian,
religious and secular. Although we will explore what the Bible
originally meant, our main goal is to understand why the Bible has
come to have so many different meanings over the last two thousand
This course requires authorization, some seats are reserved for
Religious Studies and Jewish Studies majors.  Please email: for an authorization.