Religious Studies | Sem - North Amer Religions
R735 | 10094 | Stein

Topic: Jonathan Edwards: Thought & Influence

This research seminar will examine the context, life, writings,
impact, and continuing influence of Jonathan Edwards (1703-58), a
prominent eighteenth-century New England minister and theologian.
Called by one recent biographer, "America's theologian," Edwards
played a significant role in colonial America as a leader of the
emerging evangelical movement. His impact extended across the
Atlantic during his lifetime, and his influence has continued in
subsequent centuries as a result of his voluminous writings, which
have appeared in multiple editions. Participants in the seminar will
collectively examine a range of issues that scholars studying
Edwards and his contemporaries have addressed--religious,
philosophical, social, political, and cultural--drawing on
historical literature related to the eighteenth century.
Seminar members will individually select and research a topic
related to Edwards and their own discipline and/or professional
Seminar members will write up their research in the form of an
article for a professional journal in their own field.