Slavic Languages and Literatures | Prague School of Linguistics and Poetics
L599 | ALL | Volkova

Crosslisted in Slavic Dept., Dept of Comparative Literature,
Linguistics, Folklore, Theater, Semiotics, Cognitive Science.

The course deals with several important areas of contribution of the
Prague School toward 20th century history of thought: linguistics,
literary theory and semiotic approaches to other arts, such as
visual art, drama, cinema, as well as areas like translation theory,
literary history and perception.

The linguistic part of the course will concern itself with the
fundamentals of phonology, structure of language, semantic approach
to syntax, functional sentence perspective, linguistic stylistics,
theory of speech acts and predominant theories of signs.

The general and literary part will deal with semiotic approach to
art, theory of systems, theory of literary and poetic language,
aesthetic function, norm and value, functional model of language and
communication, various aspects of theory of aesthetics, relationship
between literature and visual arts, folklore, film and last but not
least, the course will include the theory of drama, translation and
response to verbal art.

Since so many concepts developed by this school have become a
critical part of modern linguistic and semiotic thinking and so many
names (Jakobson, Trubeckoj, Mukaovsk, Mathesius and many others)
have become commonplace, this course serves as a basic introduction
into both modern linguistic and literary analysis and semiotic

Prerequisites: Interest in theory.

Requirements: Regular attendance and participation, timely
completion of written assignments (reports or exercises), paper