Slavic Languages and Literatures | Read in Russian Culture, History and Society II
R408 | ALL | Richter

R408 is a continuation of R407 using materials that are somewhat
more advanced and without
glossaries prepared for each text by the instructor.  Like R407, it
is a translation
course using non-literary texts.  Selections vary and are drawn from
history, cultural
history, memoirs, biography, etc.  Both nineteenth- and twentieth-
century sources are

Every text is completely translated during class recitations.  There
is a test given at
the conclusion of the translation of each text.  There is a
cumulative mid-term exam over
the first half of the materials covered, and a cumulative final over
the second half.
Test scores count for 75% of the final grade.  Class participation
and attendance count
for 25%.

Students are also required to select two texts for individual
translation, each ten pages
in length.  The first is to be prepared before the mid-term, and the
other is to be
completed by the semester's end.  Students submit only the first
page of each text for the
instructor's corrections, but separate tests are given to spot-check
comprehension of both
as part of the mid-term and of the final exam.  The instructor is
available for any needed
additional assistance on an individual basis.

Attendance in any language course is very important; any absences
put the student at a
disadvantage and are discouraged.  This is especially true in a
translation course where
all the texts are translated during recitations.  Any more than two
unexcused absences (an
excused absence is one with a doctor's written excuse or with the
advance permission of
the instructor) will result in an automatic lowering of the final
grade by one-half letter
grade for every two absences.  Being more than fifteen minutes late
for class counts as an

Tests must be taken on the day designated by the instructor.  If an
emergency situation
makes it impossible for you to take a test, it is your
responsibility to notify the
instructor (not a secretary!) that same day-or earlier, if possible-
to arrange a make-up