Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 10233 | Dagaz

This course is designed to teach you what sociology is, to help you
develop a broad understanding of the social forces that affect you
and those around you, and to help you think more critically about the
Social world in which you live.

Over the semester we will address topics including gender, race,
class, religion, deviance, and politics.  You will learn to look at
these topics with a sociological imagination and examine the
underlying social forces that shape these areas of society.
Throughout the semester we will look at how these topics relate to
current social issues.  By the end of this course you will possess
the sociological tools necessary not only to identify social
problems and consider possible solutions, but also to critically
examine the society you live in and your place in it.

The primary purpose of this course is not to memorize sociological
terms but to apply a sociological perspective to social policies,
current events, relationships, and everyday life.  It is often
difficult to examine our taken-for-granted or well-established
belief systems with a critical new lens, but I believe you will find
it to be a rewarding and life-altering endeavor.

The main requirements for this course are regular attendance, an
open mind, respect for others, and a willingness to learn.