Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 10236 | Jeffers

Warning:  Challenged in this course are taken for granted ideas
concerning topics such as gender, race, education, poverty,
deviance, health and others.

If you have ever thought critically about one or more of the above
topics, your participation in this course is welcome.  If you have
never questioned what you know concerning any of the above topics,
your participation in this course is essential.

This course will familiarize you with the concepts, methods and
theories that sociologists use.  These sociological tools will be
used to tackle questions such as:

-Why do women, on average, still only make 74 percent of what men
-Is race a biological myth?
-Is education more important than parents’ social class in
determining future job and income?
-Is the United States a meritocratic society?
-What is the relationship between the media’s portrayal of poverty
and surveys which demonstrate that the American public dramatically
exaggerates the proportion of African Americans who are poor?
-What does calling someone deviant say about you?
-What are the costs of having 41 million uninsured people in the
United States?

These are but a few of the topics we will cover throughout the
semester.  This course will teach you to view your world using a
sociological perspective.  This course is enlightening in the sense
that you will gain a better sense of the social forces which act
upon you to both enable and constrain choices you make. However, it
is also empowering in that you will recognize that the social world
is not a given but a construction capable of change.