Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 26031 | B. Perry


This course has three general objectives:  (1) to introduce you to
the field of sociology; (2) to impart upon you  a broad and deep
understanding of the social forces that affect you and those around
you; and  (3)  to help you think more critically about the social
world in which you live.

The primary purpose of this course is not to memorize “facts,” but
to teach you to apply a sociological perspective to social policies,
current events, relationships, and everyday life.  It is often
difficult to examine some of our taken-for-granted or well-
established belief systems with a critical new lens, but I fully
believe that it is a rewarding and life-altering endeavor.  If you
are prepared to challenge yourself, embark with me on an exciting
journey into the world of sociology!

A diverse array of topics, will be covered in this course, including
gender, race and ethnicity, social class, the family, sexuality,
deviance, and physical and mental illness.

As this is an interactive course, class attendance is critical.
Missing class is strongly discouraged.  In addition, I require that
you maintain an open mind, respect your classmates, exhibit a
willingness to learn, and keep up on readings.