Sociology | In-Depth Interviewing
S652 | 10310 | Armstrong

In-depth interviewing will be heavily based on working with data and
research problems related to the project on college student social
life that I  and some of you  are currently working on.  Thus,
book-length exemplars that we read will focus on themes of sociology
of education, gender, sexuality, and culture.  While you can use the
course to work on an independent research project (i.e., MA or
diss), you need not have your own project or be planning to design
one in the near future to take the class.  There will be plenty of
opportunities to practice interviewing, observation, data analysis,
etc. using data related to the college student social life project.
We will attempt to balance attention on nitty-gritty issues (i.e.,
IRB, digital recorders, etc.) without losing sight of bigger picture
issues of research design, theory, literature, fit between theory
and data, and a serious and sustained discussion of research
ethics.  Because the agendas of the students will influence the
design of the course, I would like you to email me if you are
planning to take the course.  Please tell me 1) what year you are
in, 2) where you are in the program (i.e., completed MA, completed
qualifying exam, etc.), 3) whether or not you currently have or plan
to develop an independent project, and 4) what you would like to get
out of this class.