Speech and Hearing Sciences | American Sign Language - Level Three
A200 | 10583 | Tba

PREREQUISITE: A100 and A150 or permission of instructor

CLASS PRESENTATIONS: Special presentations will be made throughout
the course related to a particular "grammar focus". These
presentations will be graded based on creativity, sign production,
usage of non-manual modifiers/signals, contextual accuracy, fluency
and comprehension. These presentations should be done with a minimum
amount of fingerspelling. Lesson presentations are graded on a scale
of 1-100. If your lesson is not presented on the date assigned, the
grade is lowered by 10 points. Presentations must be reviewed by an
AI at least one week prior to the assigned presentation date. Check
the AI office door (SG C101) for your presentation deadline date. Two
points will be deducted from the presentation grade for each day past
the deadline date if it has not been reviewed with an AI.

SPECIAL PROJECT: A special project will be due. You must participate
in three out-of-class activities involving Deaf culture, and interact
with a Deaf person.   You may want to consider one of
the following options:

(1) Attend sporting event - Indiana School for the Deaf,
Indianapolis. (Http://member.iquest.net/~isdweb)
(2) Attend Bloomington ASL Club.
(3) Participate in an activity during Indiana School for the Deaf -
Homecoming Weekend
(4) Other options should be discussed with the instructor.

GRADING: Grades will be based on the student's performance on
quizzes, exams, written work (special project), written assignments,
class participation and attendance. The following weighting factors
have been assigned to these various categories:

Workbooks, special projects, class participation = 10%
Fingerspelling quizzes (drop lowest grade) = 15%
Comprehensive quizzes (drop lowest grade) = 25%
Mid-term exam = 25%
Final exam = 25%

In computing quiz averages the lowest quiz score will be dropped from
consideration and the others will be averaged. Comprehensive quiz
dates are on the course schedule. Fingerspelling quiz dates will not
be announced in advance. If a student misses a quiz, this will be the
one that will be dropped since quizzes cannot be made up.

Please note that ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY! If attendance is not
regular, this will lower the student's grade by one-third letter
grade for each absence over three class sessions. Communicate reasons
for absences with the instructor as they occur (preferably prior to
the absence).  Do NOT wait until the end of the course! This will be
taken into consideration when determining student's final course
grade. Punctuality is Expected.  Three lates of 10-minutes will
constitute one absence.