Telecommunications | Writing for Electronic Media
T211 | 10721 | Myers, J.

Semester: Spring 2005

Course Code: TEL T211

Class number: 10721

Instructor's Name: Jeanne Myers

Name of the Course:  Writing for Electronic Media

Course Description: (as stated in the COAS bulletin): "Style, form,
and preparation of written materials for electronic media."

Prerequisites: None.

Course Objectives: T211 introduces students to the "style, form, and
preparation of written materials for electronic media."  Exercises
and assignments are designed to strengthen overall writing skills
and provide an overview of the writing process as used for
generating ideas, planning, organizing and revising a variety of
written materials.
Requirements the course will meet:

To see which requirements, in the College of Arts and Sciences, this
course will fulfill consult the College Bulletin at
If you have questions, or need additional help, see your academic

Course Format and Grading: This class uses a combination of lecture
and discussion formats.  Assignments include in-class writings
and/or quizzes, as well as outside of class readings and formal
writing assignments (approximately six outside of class, formal
assignments).  Students are required to be active participants in in-
class small group work and to do required in-class presentations.

Required Texts: (Tentative)
Hacker, Diana. A Pocket Style Manual 4th ed. Boston: Bedford/St.
Martins, 2004.

Meeske, Milan D. Copywriting for the Electronic Media: A Practical
Guide. 4th ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2003.

Meeting Times: Monday and Wednesday, 9:30 am  10:45 am.