Telecommunications | Data Communications
T327 | 10745 | Forkner, T.

Spring 2005

T327 Class Number 10745

Terry R. Forkner


Understand basic data communications.  Be able to discuss the
fundamental concepts underlying all data communications
architectures and their associated technologies.  Be able to
describe the specific features and functionality available from the
dominant technologies in the world today.  Be able to understand and
apply technical solutions to suit the requirements presented in
various problem situations.

This course is presented in a lecture/discussion format.
Students are given assigned readings each week that are targeted at
the particular topic.  The associated lectures are aimed at creating
a comprehensive understanding of the topic and related issues.  Lab
activities may be used to further enhance the learning process.

	Mid-term		25 %
	Final exam		25 %
	Participation		25 %
	Research paper	        25 %

Exams are designed to enable the student to demonstrate a
command of the major issues through essay and short answer.  The
student will complete a 10-page research paper on a data
communications topic of their choice.  Emphasis on participation is
designed to encourage attendance and “active” learning.

	TELECOM Factbook,  Pecar & Garbin
	Assorted handouts

	Tuesdays	5:45 p.m.  -  8:30 p.m.

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