Telecommunications | Electronic Media Advertising
T340 | 10749 | Affe, R.

Semester - Spring 2005

Course Code – T340 (10749)

Instructor's Name - Robert Affe

Name of the Course -  Electronic Media Advertising

Course Description -
• Prerequisites – T207
• Requirements the Course May Meet – To see which requirements, in
the College of Arts and Sciences, this course will fulfill consult
the College Bulletin at
If you have questions, or need additional help, see your academic
• Course Objectives – Survey of the major processes of the
advertising business.

Selected topics include: Organization of Advertising Agencies, Brief
History of Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Media Evaluation, Media
Planning, Support Media, Advertising on the Internet, Advertising
Research, Media Buying.
• Course Format – Lecture & some class discussion
• Grading Procedures – Traditionally 3 Examinations
• Required Texts – Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion.
O’Guinn. Thomson Publishing, 3rd Ed.
• Meeting times – T,R – 11:15am - 12:45pm