Telecommunications | Business Applications of Telecommunications
T422 | 23161 | Waterman, D.

Telecommunications T422 Business Applications in Telecommunications
(Topic: Business Strategies of Communications Firms)
Class Number: 23161
Spring, 2005

Prof. David Waterman

Prerequisites: none

Summary of course objectives:

This course is intended to give you a practical understanding of the
competitive strategies of communications firms, primarily the mass

A major part of the class will involve case studies in which you are
asked to propose and discuss strategies for solving actual business
problems. You will also be asked to develop and present an idea for
a new media enterprise, or to critique the strategy of an existing
media startup firm. Cases covered will tentatively include cable
networking, broadcast television, Internet publishing, and other
media/communications industries.

Format: Mostly class discussion of specific business cases; some
lecture/discussions about how certain business functions apply in
particular to the communications industries

Requirements the course meets: This course counts toward Social and
Historical Studies distribution requirements in the College of Arts
and Sciences. It may, or may not, also count toward other degree
requirements. For more information about which requirements this
course could fulfill see the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin
at If you have
questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor.
Required texts: Compiled course packet of selected articles, book
chapters, and business cases.

Meeting times: 2:30-3:45 MW