Telecommunications | WTIU Production Workshop
T437 | 10776 | McGregor, M.

COURSE T 437  WTIU Production Workshop
3 credits
Instructors are John Winninger for Telecom and
Chuck Carney for the School of Journalism
Class Number 10776

	The Department of Telecommunications Advanced WTIU
Production Workshop course is really a hands-on style class.  Early
in the season the News Forum class produces a few panel discussions
that are talk show formats on topics that would appeal to the
college demographic called “STUDENT PERSPECTIVES.”  These thirty
minute “talk shows” are used as fillers on WTIU during the summer,
and during the scheduled IU vacation or semester breaks.

	This course is a great resume builder.  Many telecom
production students may end up in a commercial station that has a
daily news operation.  NEWS FORUM will be broadcast on WTIU 8-10
times during the semester.  Studetns in T437 are the “behind - the -
scenes” production crew for these tapings.  There are students from
the School of Journalism (J385) that are the anchors and reporters
for the tapings in studio 5.  Class meets on Friday mornings from
8:30AM to 12:00 noon.