Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Industry & Management
T453 | 10783 | Snyder, B.

Topic: Entertainment Industry in the 21st Century
1.0 credit hour (unit)
Class will meet Feb 25-27

Topic #1:	
Brief history of the entertainment industry
Trends and shifts in yesterday and today’s entertainment marketplace.
Convergence of entertainment genres.
Film, television, commercial, and music video crossover in all
entertainment areas including:
Acting, Production, Direction, Post Production, Distribution,

Topic #2: 	
Studio vs. Independent product
Comparing studio and independent feature film projects.
Negative pick-up			
Foreign financing			
Losing the mid-range budget
Blockbuster projects	
Comparing studio and independent television projects.
Deficit financing
Networks owned by studios
Cable production
New Types of programming and their impact on the marketplace.
Reality programming
Game shows
Variety shows
Studio facilities vs. independent facilities.	
Production studios			
Post production studios
Marketing and publicity firms
Ancillary market business.
Foreign distribution			
DVD and Video			
Airline and television versions		
Library and archival			
Entertainment Industry in the 21st Century (continued)

Topic #3:
Who is driving technological development for entertainment?
Computer industry.
Proprietary industry hardware/software.
Convergence of consumer and professional equipment.
Feature film vs. commercial technological influence.
Latest technology in entertainment.
Digital Intermediate
Data Distribution
Digital Cinema

Topic #4:  Employment Opportunities in the changing Entertainment
The competition.
Interviewing and resume writing.		
Resources (trades, internet).			
New York vs. Los Angeles (and everything in between).
Getting started (foot in the door).
Being well rounded.