Telecommunications | Telecommunications Internship
T497 | 10788 | Haywood Smith, L.

Prerequisite: Junior or senior Standing, major or minor in
Telecommunications with a minimum of 12 credit hours completed, at
least 6 credit hours completed at the 300/400 level in
Telecommunications. The student must be in good academic standing
with the university and have advance approval of the department
internship coordinator

Course Description: T497 is a practical learning experience in a
supervised professional environment outside the classroom offered to
junior and senior Telecommunications majors and minors. This
internship opportunity must relate to one of the three emphasis
areas (Industry & Management, Media & Society or Design &

The application and guideline form may be picked up and returned to
the Intern Coordinator (R-TV 240). Candidates must submit an
official job description with the T497 contract. Prior approval by
the Telecommunications Intern Coordinator, Lynda Haywood-Smith, is
required. The deadline is February 1, 2005.

Students will be expected to keep and submit a journal mid-way
through the internship. An evaluation will be requested from the
intern sponsor. The 4-5 page  critical analysis paper and supervisor
evaluation are due no later than May 1, 2005. This course is S/F
only grade.