Telecommunications | Special Projects in Telecommunications
T540 | 25469 | Bryant, J.

TEL 540 Special Projects in Telecommunications
Topic: Global Media Management

Course Description
Telecommunication and media organizations have been key players in
the move toward a global society by increasing the velocity and
extensity of communication and information networks.  In turn,
managing these organizations has become more complex.  This course
delves into the organizational dynamics of telecommunication and
media industries in a global context, and relies heavily on case
studies within the telecommunication and media industries to
elucidate these dynamics.

This course begins with three assumptions.  First, organizations are
essentially communicative entities.  This means that we assume the
organizing processes occur through symbols to which people relate,
symbols that they exchange, and through the use of symbols to
persuade others to do things.  Second, we assume that there is not a
single monolithic globalization, but that globalization can be
understood in its plural form, globalizations.  Globalizations
encompass a variety of processes, some complementary and some
contradictory.  Third, we assume that organizational dynamics are
what have contributed most to the current globalizations.

None (graduate student standing)

Required Texts
Textbook TBD
Case studies and other reading material will be available through
electronic reserves throughout the semester.

Meeting Time
T 4:00-6:30pm (RTV 169)