Afro-American and African Diaspora Studies | Variations on Blackness, Part II
A603 | 23572 | Matthew Guterl

This year-long, interdisciplinary graduate seminar is devoted to
analyzing the global and comparative study of race-making and
blackness. The first semester of the course is an intense survey of
the literature in this field, to be followed by a semester-long
workshop geared towards the production of a well-written deeply
researched original essay. During the first part of the seminar,
students will discuss the methodology of and rationale for important
genres in academia: the project proposal, conference abstract, book
review, and syllabus. Students will be required to submit portions
of their work to official conference announcements and refereed
publications as part of their learning process. We will discuss
pedagogy in as much as it affects the theory and practice of
teaching an interdisciplinary course on the topic of contemporary
race-making and blackness as well as the feasibility for making such
a course attractive to a department. We will also analyze how each
participant's disciplinary background informs his/her interpretation
of the assigned texts. Finally, we will explore how the interaction
between faculty fellows and graduate students working on the same
topic opens up new avenues for the creation of knowledge.