Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Materials & Components of Interirior Design
H277 | 013119 | Snyder

Meeting Day & Time: T, R, 9:30-10:45

Course Description and Content

The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding
of the "appropriateness of use" regarding materials used in the
interior environment.  This will be accomplished through the
investigation of the characteristics and properties of the
components and materials of interior design through lectures,
visual aids and research.  Particular emphasis will be placed on
the vital role interior designers play in providing for the health,
safety and welfare of those inhabiting interior spaces through
the introduction of flammability standards, testing procredures,
and codes.

Required Texts and Readings
Harmon & Kennon, The Codes Guidebook for Interiors, ISBN 0471648647
2001, 3rd ed., John Wiley & Sons
Sampon, Estimating for Interior Designers, ISBN 0823016293, 2001,
2001, Watson-Guptill
Yates, M. (2002). Fabrics: A Guide for Interior Designers and
Architects.  New York.  W.W. Norton & Company. ISBN: 039373062X

Outline Course Requirements
Class participation (including field trips, guest lectures), quizzes,
projects (both inside and outside of class), semester notebook with
building product analysis, multiple examinations and final