Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Contemporary Issues in Environmental Design
H368 | 13127 | C. Thomas Mitchell

Meeting Day and Time: T, R, 8-9:15

Course Description and Content

(3 cr.) P: H272 and junior standing.
Study of philosophical,
theoretical, historical, behavioral,
technological, and research
issues of contemporary interest to
environmental design.  This
course focuses on the principles
of recent design trends such
as:  modernism, post-modernism,
late- modernism, and
deconstruction; and on new
design trends such as green

Required Texts and Readings

Modern Architecture /3rd Edition by William J.R. Curtis
Architecture Today/ by James Steele
User Responsive Design /by C. Thomas Mitchell

Outline Course Requirements

Two precedent studies, one each on a modern
and after modern designer to be presented
in class; these will be
prepared in groups of two.
Two micro theme essays; two in-class
writing assignments,
mid-term + final exams.

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