Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Graduate Program | Advanced Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
B601 | 21333 | Ellison, V.

Course:  B601 Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
V. Ellison
Spring 2006
Tues/Thurs 5:30-7:00pm

This course will cover the biochemistry of several seminal model
systems in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic DNA replication and
recombination, with emphasis placed on the conservation of the basic
biological pathway through unique molecular mechanisms.  Although two
textbooks are available as references, review and primary research
articles will constitute all reading assignments.  An overview of each
system, presented by the instructor on Tuesdays, shall provide a
warm-up for the student-led discussions of recommended research papers
on Thursdays (starting the second week).  The first three weeks will
cover DNA replication and the latter DNA recombination, DNA topology
and chromosome dynamics.  Topics include:

Wk#	Tuesday				
1	E. coli, , T4 phage		
2	S. cerevisiae, X. laevis, SV40	
3	Regulation of replication		
4	Homologous recombination	
	in E. coli
5	Mating type switching and		
	meiotic recombination in		
	S. cerevisiae
6	Site specific recombination	
7	Non-homologous recom-		
	bination, Immunoglobulin		
	gene rearrangements
8	Regulation of DNA topology,	
	Chromosome cohesion and	

Wk#	Thursday

1	M13, X174 and HSV-1
2	Replication fork mechanics I
3	Replication fork mechanics II
4	Holliday junction resolvases
5	RecA homologs in yeast, Meiotic chromosome pairing
6	 resolvase structure, Tn7 transposition
7	Reconstitution of NHEJ in vitro, Rag1/Rag2 mediated   recombination
8	Topoisomerase II function in mitosis, Smc and Kleisin biochemistry