Biology | Cell Biology Laboratory
L313 | 21900 | Surzycki, J

Course Format: One afternoon laboratory, one lecture and one
discussion section per week.

Prerequisites:  P: Biol L113 and L211, or Chem C342, or consent of
instructor. R: Biol L312, Chem C484.

Course Description: Theories and techniques of modern cell biology,
including experiments on cell respiration and photosynthesis,
karyotype analysis, mammalian chromosome structure, detection of
signal transduction pathways using the yeast two-hybrid system,
induction and diction of apoptosis, protein purification using
expression vectors, separation of peptides by gel electrophoresis,
Western blot transfer and immunodetection of a target protein.

Required Text: Cell Biology Laboratory Manual published by Indiana

Weekly Assignments: Flowsheets, quiz, laboratory notebook.

Exams/Papers: Two laboratory reports, midterm and final exam.