Biology | Alternative Approaches to Teach College Biol
L555 | 26738 | Bender, A

Course Format:  Discussion:  Two hours per week.  ARR

Requirements:  Graduate students only, or consent of instructor.

Course description:

	I hope that this course will help students to become more interested
in thinking and learning about various issues concerning teaching and
learning.  Toward the goal of helping students in this class to become
engaged in such thinking and learning, the plan is that students will
a) have a good deal of control over decisions made about both the
learning goals of this course and the methods that are used to work
toward those goals and b) do a lot of reflective writing and in-class
	Below are some ideas about possible topics that we might choose to
deal with:
Choosing learning goals.
Designing syllabi.
Assessments of learning.
Active learning.
Student-centered learning.
Promoting discussion.
Collaborative and cooperative learning.
Inquiry-based learning.
Problem-based learning.
Different learning styles.
Fostering reflective thinking.
Views of cognitive development in adolescents and young adults, and
implications of such views for teaching and learning.
Integrating writing into courses.
Preparing statements of teaching philosophy.
Challenges and opportunities in teaching evolution (and in teaching
other topics?).
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.