Chemistry | Introduction to Chemical Principles
C103 | 14183 | Lumbley

Prerequisite: Instructor permission or placement.
This course was designed to prepare students for the general
chemistry sequence, C117-C118. The Department of Chemistry created
the course to help students review and/or enhance their basic skills
in chemistry and algebra. Content includes basic chemical
information such as applications of measurement, periodic trends of
the elements, the modern view of the atom, balancing chemical
equations, stoichiometry, the factor-label method (dimensional
analysis), and the logic behind naming chemical compounds. The
course emphasizes the application of these basic concepts by
introducing the material within the context of the story of how and
why it was developed. Therefore, one of the goals of the course is
to cultivate an appreciation of the history of chemistry as well as
its continuously unfolding development into the future. The lectures
and discussion sections will focus on problem-solving strategies,
applications of basic chemical principles, and providing practical
practice solving problems. In the laboratory portion of C103,
students will practice basic laboratory techniques and will be given
the opportunity for hands-on exploration of basic chemical