Chemistry | Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry 1
C117 | 14203-14204 | T. Stone

Prerequisite: Two years of high school algebra or Mathematics M014
or equivalent math requirements (contact department for current
requirements); one year of high school chemistry; passing the
chemistry placement exam.
This course is an integrated lecture-laboratory course covering
basic principles of chemistry and biochemistry. The course topics
are designed to teach chemistry starting with a microscopic picture
and building toward a macroscopic picture of chemistry. Topics
include atomic structure and properties, molecular structure,
chemical bonding, energy, and equilibrium. This course tries to
focus on the conceptual facets of chemistry that one will need to
succeed in later chemistry courses, especially organic chemistry and
biochemistry. The course culminates by delving into several
biochemical examples in order to show how all the covered topics
directly relate to more complex biochemical examples. The lab
portion of the course focuses on many conceptual experiments in
addition to several hands-on laboratories; the chosen experiments
spotlight authentic facets in chemistry to better understand how
chemists use laboratory technique to solve pertinent questions.
Students will learn techniques such as distillation, titrations,
dilutions, affinity chromatography, searching the chemical
literature, and learning molecular modeling software called Spartan.
This is the first semester of a two-semester sequence.
Credit given for only one of the following: C100, C101, C105, S105,
C117 or S117.