Chemistry | Biosynthesis and Physiology
C485 | 14342 | M. Stone

Prerequisite: C484.
The second semester continues your exploration of metabolic
pathways, focusing on use of energy to build the molecules needed in
each cell. The in-depth treatment of metabolic pathways allows
students acquire an understanding of the cross-talk among metabolic
pathways and complexity of their regulation. The second portion of
this course covers the means by which genetic information is
expressed in cells. In addition to learning about metabolic
diseases, students will also learn the fundamental biochemical
concepts they need to consider nutritional topics and may even be
able to launch into an intelligent debate about the science behind
the wildly popular Atkins diet. Finally, students will learn about
the biochemistry behind the modern genetic engineering and
recombinant DNA techniques that allow for the commercial production
of protein drugs such as insulin.
Credit given for either C485/C484 or C483.