Criminal Justice-COAS | Techniques of Data Analysis
K300 | 14379 | Sandys

This is the second course in research methods-data analysis
continuum for the under-graduate students of criminal justice at
Indiana University. The course is an introduction to statistics and
will deal with various methods of data analysis.  Topics will
include the basic concepts and measures in statistical analysis;
methods for describing sets of data, measures of central tendency
and dispersion; concepts of statistical inference, hypothesis
testing and analysis of bi-variate relationships. Special topics
discussed will include correlation, analysis of variance and non-
parametric statistics.  The objectives of this course are to
acquaint the student with statistical reasoning and to develop
skills in quantitative techniques that are useful in understanding
criminal justice data and research.

Class meeting:  Tuesday, 9:00-11:30

Course Will Satisfy:	CJUS core requirement

P - CJUS P290

Instructor:  Professor Marla Sandys, Criminal Justice Department