Criminal Justice-COAS | The World of the Prisoner
P300 | 23909 | Colanese

The purpose of this course is to try to capture the reality of the
experience of the incarcerated.  Countless lives in today's society
are affected by the often temporary removal and reentry of
prisoners, yet what occurs behind the walls largely remains a
mystery.  Often, the bulk of images and general understanding of the
average person with regard to prison life is most often taken from
the mass media, which sometimes glamorizes and falsifies the

This class will debunk these myths in an attempt to provide for a
more balanced perception of the world behind the bars.  Special
attention will be given to programs provided to prisoners while
incarcerated, prison violence, prison government, religion in
prison, and creative expressions by prisoners like art and

This course will also include a field trip to at least one
correctional institution in Indiana.

Class meeting: 2:30-5:00, Tuesday and Thursday


Instructor:  Jennifer Colanese, Criminal Justice Department