Criminal Justice-COAS | History of Social Control in the US
P381 | 14441 | Elson

The history of criminal justice in the United States focuses on
trials (famous and not-so-famous) as a way of understanding the past
and present of the American criminal justice system and as a way of
understanding the larger cultural context of that system.  Within
this intensive writing seminar, students will utilize a variety of
criminal trials to investigate the operation of the criminal justice
system and how its operation was (and is) influenced by the cultural
context of the era in which the trial occurred.  Students will
conduct this inquiry using several types of materials, including
Linder's Famous Trials website, several monographs that examine
criminal trials within their historic context, and a variety of of
articles.  Students will be expected to complete weekly reading
notes and to participate actively in class discussions.  Students
will also research (using primary source materials) and write an
original paper on a major twentieth-century American criminal trial
(in which they will be expected to pose and answer an original
research question).

Class Meeting:  2:40-3:45, Tuesday and Thursday

Instructor:  Amy Elson, Criminal Justice Department