Criminal Justice-COAS | Violence in the Black Community
P420 | 23933 | Oliver

This course provides an overview of interpersonal violence in the
African American community.  Emphasis is placed on examining the
intersection of race, social-cultural context and acts of
interpersonal violence. Class sessions will be devoted to
discussions of robbery, assault, murder, street gangs and intimate
partner violence. Special attention will be devoted to considering
the impact that violence is having on members of  the hip hop
generation.  Final grade will be determined by assessment of six
short answer written assignments related to course readings and a 15
page Position Paper that outlines policy and program strategies to
reduce the occurrence of interpersonal violence among African

Required Texts

Pierce-Baker, C. (1998). Surviving the silence: Black women’s
stories of rape. New York: W.W. Norton & Company.

Wright, R.T. & Decker, S.H. (1997). Armed robbers in Action-Stickups
and street culture. Boston: Northeastern University Press.

West, C.M. (2003). Violence in the lives of Black women-Battered,
Black, and Blue. Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Press.

Wilson, W.J. (1996). When work disappears-the World of the urban
poor. New York: Vintage Books.

Class meeting:  9:30-10:45, Monday and Wednesday

Instructor:  Professor William Oliver, Criminal Justice Department