Criminal Justice-COAS | Criminal Justice in a War Zone
P493 | 23958 | Salahuddin

This course will explore the issues of law and order, crime and
criminal justice in global context. In a chaotic world like ours,
citizens are increasingly curious about the issues of justice,
democracy, and human rights and the debates surrounding them today.
Around the world, for some years, experiments in democracy have been
on the rise with a corresponding increase in our fantasies and
expectations about the “rule of law” and the “role of law” in
creating, consolidating, and expanding democracy.

Thinking through these issues, which seem to occupy the forefront of
national and international public discourse, this class will focus
on the new South Africa, a particular case of significance that has
gone through a unique democratic experiment after many years of
militant conflict, state oppression, and brutal civil war. In
particular, we will examine the role of the South African Truth and
Reconciliation Commission in advancing a vision of just society
based on the rule of law and a culture of human rights. Interested
in fresh and non-boring topics, students enrolling in the course
will develop a solid understanding of comparative criminal justice.

Requirement: In addition to the Reader assigned for the class,
students will read stories of crime and conflict, war and atrocities
that will be posted and available on-line. Performance will be
graded on two short assignments, and a term paper due by the end of
the semester.

Class Meeting:  1:00-2:15, Monday and Wednesday

Instructor:  Mohammad Salahuddin, Criminal Justice Department