Criminal Justice-COAS | Capstone: Meaning of Crime and Justice
P493 | 2945 | 23956 Kane

This course is designed to help you synthesize your prior course
work and to promote an active and practical engagement with a range
of criminal justice issues. It provides you with the opportunity to
develop and apply prior learning experiences by focusing on issues
in the arena of crime, law and justice that are meaningful to the
students in the class (e.g., death penalty; environmental justice;
prisoners¹ rights; Native American justice systems; feminist
approaches to law; illegal drug use; international courts;
euthanasia, etc.).  Working in teams, students will identify and
define their chosen issues; collect, organize, and analyze data on
them; engage in social networking with other people in organizations
who are working on the issues; learn to use a variety of
communication tools; and learn how to craft effective verbal and
visual messages. We will discuss practical strategies and  ethical
dimensions of your social action projects.

In addition to developing skills to help you apply academic
knowledge, the course is designed to familiarize you with a range of
career options  related to criminal justice. We will discuss
possible professional futures and prepare resumes targeted to
specific career paths. To enliven and widen the scope of our
discussions, scholars and practitioners will be invited to speak
about their work in the local criminal justice system and beyond. We
will also have field trips to sites in Bloomington.

Class Meeting:  2:30-5:00, Wednesday

Instructor:  Professor Stephanie Kane, Criminal Justice Department