Criminal Justice-COAS | Proseminar: Criminal Justice I
P501 | 23978 | Sundt/Luskin/Verma

This course, team taught by three instructors, will provide a
general overview of criminal justice administration.  The objectives
are to explore the theoretical foundations for understanding how the
criminal justice system and the sub-components- the police, courts
and corrections operate.  We will discuss how police, courts, and
corrections are structured and function, the influences of history,
organization, and policy on the administration of justice, and
factors that inhibit criminal justice reforms.  We will consider, in
depth, the role, challenges and reform processes of the three sub-
components. Approximately, equal time will be devoted to the
discussion of the system and the three components.

Readings: To be announced

Requirements: Grades will be based upon three short papers on each
of the components and a final examination.

Class meeting: 5:45-8:15, Wednesday

Instructors:  Professors Jody Sundt, Mary Lee Luskin, and Arvind
Verma, Criminal Justice Department