Criminal Justice-COAS | Peacemaking
P680 | 23977 | Pepinsky

	This seminar starts out as something personal, on my
reflections on more than three decades of trying to understand how
to build peace and safety in the face of violence and punishment.
There is no text to buy for the course for starters.  Instead, I
will begin by putting my latest book manuscript, From Crime and
Criminal Justice to Violence and Peacemaking: Radical Reflections of
a U.S. Criminologist, on the Oncourse resources page for every
seminar member to download and read for discussion.  The first week
of class we will introduce ourselves.  The second week is the MLK
holiday.  I expect to assign the first two chapters of my manuscript
for discussion the third week, and for writing for a grade in the
meantime.  Roughly, I will ask undergraduates to post at least 750
words on Oncourse Discussion each week by Thursday at 5 pm for a
couple of points, and offer the chance to respond in at least 250
words to other Oncourse posts by Sunday noon for an additional
point.  For grad students, these minima will be 1000 words and 500
words for responses.  If seminar members do the maximum number of
points for roughly 12 weeks, they will earn A’s for the seminar.
After beginning with my manuscript, each period after the first, we
will discuss what other readings we might do and can either get
online or order through  Let us learn together.  Love
and peace—Hal (Pepinsky)

Class meeting:  2:30-5:00, Monday

Note:  This class meets with CJUS-P493

Instructor:  Professor Hal Pepinsky, Criminal Justice Department