Collins Living Learning Center | Music: Mirror of the Moment
S103 | 24975 | Catherine Hawkes

What effect did the invention of photography, the light bulb, or an accurate
clock have on composers and musicians?  Did it matter whether they
understood the solar system, how their internal organs worked, or the
workings of their own government?  We'll explore these kinds of questions
while learning about several pivotal moments in the history of Western music.
Of course, we'll listen to lots of music, but we'll also use primary source
readings, independent research, class discussion, and “salons.”  On “salon”
days, you will take on the role of a real person from the historical period we're
studying and have a roundtable discussion with other important people of the
time.  You don't need to be a musician to take this class, and you'll have a
chance to focus on topics of your choice.