Communication and Culture | Media in the Global Context (Topic: The Case of Transnational East Asia)
C202 | 14571 | Brian Ruh

CMCL-C 202: Media in the Global Context
(Topic: The Case of Transnational East Asia)
Class Number: 14571

TuTh, 9:30 AM-10:45 AM, Location: TBA
Required film screenings: W, 7:00 PM-10:30 PM

Fulfills COAS S&H Requirement
Fulfills COAS Culture Studies Requirement (List A)

Instructor: Brian Ruh
Office: Mottier Hall 265
Phone: 855-6405

This course is an introduction to the key issues and themes related
to global media with an emphasis on the media of East Asia. Some of
the basic questions and issues this course will address include:
What is globalization? What is the nature of global media? What are
the political, economic, and cultural dimensions of global media? In
the process of trying to find answers to these questions, we will be
paying particular attention to film, television, and the Internet in
Asian countries including (but not limited to) Japan, Korea, China,
Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  This course will pay particular attention to
the ways in which East Asian popular film and television have
crossed borders, both within the Asian region and outside of it,
examining both how such media has been accepted and remade overseas
(particularly in the United States) and the role new media play in
shaping these global flows of people, capital, and information.