Communication and Culture | Business and Professional Communication
C223 | 14576-14585 | William E. Wiethoff

C223 is designed to introduce you to the kinds of communication that
are valuable within business and the professions, to assist you in
understanding related processes of communication, and to enable you to
practice related skills.  During the semester, you will continuously
act as a member of a corporation and assist your corporation in
reaching a specific goal: donating time and/or money to a
not-for-profit or charitable organization.  Your assistance will take
the form of graded coursework, including a written examination and six
oral/written assignments: library/internet research, interview
research, negotiation, a persuasive panel presentation, committee
work, and a business meeting.

Text: Andrews, Patricia H., and John E. Baird.  Communication for
Business and the Professions. 8th edition. Waveland, 2005.