Communication and Culture | Speech Composition
C323 | 21231 | William E. Wiethoff

TuTh, 2:30 PM-3:45 PM, TE F258

Prerequisite: CMCL-C 121
A portion of this course reserved for majors

Fulfills COAS Intensive Writing Requirement
Fulfills COAS A&H Requirement

Instructor: William E. Wiethoff
Office: Mottier Hall 215
Phone: 855-9046

C323 introduces you to the principles and techniques of speechwriting,
the art of writing speeches for delivery by a client.  In three
assignments working as a member of a speechwriting team, you will
improve your skills in remediation, education, and motivation.  Each
member of the team composes a speech for a C323 student who will be
acting as a client.  Then the entire team composes a final draft in
consultation with the client.  As a client yourself, you will inspect
the speech text written for you, deliver it in class, and evaluate
your speechwriting team in a memorandum to the instructor.  In a
fourth assignment working as an individual speechwriter, you will
compose a speech for an outside client.  Ultimately, in this final
assignment, you will write a speech for delivery by a student in Z402,
a senior-level management course in the Kelley School of Business.
Several in-class revision exercises are also assigned during the

Required Text:
Mr. Copy Course Packet

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