Communication and Culture | Production as Criticism
C335 | 14599 | Bjorn Ingvoldstad

Tu, 1:00 PM-3:30 PM, MJ 124
Students must also enroll in a lab section

Prerequisite: CMCL-C 190
Requires special fee

Fulfills COAS A&H Requirement

Instructor: Bjorn Ingvoldstad
Office: Mottier Hall 262
Phone: 855-6405

In this course, we bring two key elements of media studies to bear
on one another: production and criticism, centering on
the “problematic” of Dogme95.  In that sense, this class is a
hybrid: there will be more critical studies than in other production
classes and more production work than in other critical studies
courses.  You will learn and practice how to plan, shoot and edit
video shorts.  You will also be reading and discussing critical
works, as well as relating them to regular screenings.  While it
helps to have had some experience in critical studies (media, art,
literature) on the one hand and production experience (video, film,
photography) on the other, there are no prerequisites for C 335.
Even with no such background, you should be able to complete this
course successfully and come away with several projects for your
portfolio.  Because this is not a production class per se, however,
we will not be producing any complicated or involved projects; your
projects will be proscribed in length to no more than several
minutes long.