Communication and Culture | Topics in Communication and Culture in Comparative Perspective
C415 | 14610 | Leila Monaghan

CMCL-C 415: Topics in Communication and Culture in Comparative
(Topic: Communication and Education)
Class Number: 14610

TuTh, 4:00 PM-5:15 PM, MJ 124

Fulfills COAS Intensive Writing Requirement
Fulfills COAS S&H Requirement
This is a service learning course

Instructor: Leila Monaghan
Office: Mottier Hall 221
Phone: 855-4607

Communication and Education is an intensive writing service learning
course that looks at late 20th century and current education issues
and how they affect communicative practices in our local community.
Issues we will deal with include literacy practices, debates over
what language forms should be used in the classroom (including
African American English and bilingual education), gender and
education, and the legal climate for education from "Brown v. the
Board of Education" to "No Child Left Behind."

Work expected in the class includes at least twenty sessions of
community service.  Options for service in the past have included
working as a reading tutor in local schools or volunteering for
organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club or Stonebelt services
for the disabled.  Other work includes active participation,
presentations, reading review papers, and an extended ethnography of
your service learning site that should be at least 15 pages long.