Comparative Literature | Modern Literature & the Other Arts
C255 | 14640 | Elizabeth Clark

CMLT-C 255(14640) Modern Literature & the Other Arts
Instructor: E. Clark ,  MW 4:00-5:15,
Fulfills AH and CS requirements

This course examines the concept of imprisonment as expressed in
modern western literature, art, music, and film.  Our definition of
imprisonment permits a broad application of the term. We will
analyze works of literature and art that stem from or comment upon
physical incarceration, imaginary prisons, mental isolation and
exile.  We will study a wide range of works, including, but not
limited to, those by Dickens, Foucault, Piranesi, Beethoven, Nabokov
and Malcolm X.
Requirements include quizzes, writing assignments, a midterm, and a
take-home final exam.